Edmond Mäll


My name is Edmond Mäll. I am a freelance photographer located in Tallinn, Estonia and working in the field of visual arts / beaux arts since 2005.

I’ve always had a thing with beautiful cars. The attraction became evident in my early childhood. I liked everything about cars – the interesting forms, shapes and “curves”, motion, contours, little details and so on. To save the vision of some of the most amazing cars I had ever seen, I started taking photographs.

Due to the boundless love for cars I came to own a show car in my teens. Me, my brother and some friends built the car from the scratch and attended various shows and competitions in Estonia and abroad. The car was a hit, drew a lot of attention and won many important awards. Many prestigious car magazines wrote about the car and of course needed photos to go with the stories. This created the first real necessity to learn how to take good photos. Being active in the field of show cars took me to many awesome events and through that gave me a lot of material to capture – unique cars, beautiful models and crowds of car fanatics.

From there on my interest in photography grew even more and the rest is history. I have never learned photography on a professional level. Everything I know I’ve learned through experience, numerous mistakes and failures. I still swear by learning through experience because it has taught me the most about photography.

Nowadays my field of action is pretty broad – mainly various events, but also portraits, architecture, sports (golf and tennis tournaments), weddings and in every once in a while I return to my roots and enjoy the chance to capture the best features of a really special car.

I have intentionally kept my field wide so that I wouldn’t get tired of photographing the same subjects too often and more important – this makes it even more enjoyable to return from time to time to where I first started from – automotive photography.

On this website You can find a preview of some of the special moments I have captured.


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